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Black Mango Production was founded with a vision to

revolutionize brand storytelling by infusing creativity and

authenticity into every project. The team's collective

experience and passion for redefining brand narratives

across various media platforms.

Background: Black Mango Production was founded with a vision to revolutionize brand storytelling by infusing creativity and authenticity into every project. The team's collective experience and passion for storytelling set the stage for a journey towards redefining brand narratives across various media platforms.

Challenge: The main challenge was to establish Black Mango Production's online presence effectively, conveying their unique approach to storytelling and diverse range of services in a visually engaging and informative manner. The website needed to reflect the company's ethos and showcase their portfolio of work while also attracting potential clients.

Objective: The primary objective was to design and launch the first website for Black Mango Production, serving as a digital platform to showcase their portfolio, highlight their storytelling expertise, and attract new clients. The website aimed to position Black Mango Production as a leader in brand storytelling, offering innovative and impactful solutions to clients across industries.

Project Overview

Scope: The project involved the creation of Black Mango Production's inaugural website, encompassing design, development, content creation, and launch activities. The website aimed to capture the essence of the company's brand identity while showcasing their diverse range of services and past projects.


Strategy: The strategy focused on creating a visually stunning and user-friendly website that effectively communicated Black Mango Production's storytelling prowess. Emphasis was placed on showcasing the team's expertise, highlighting their portfolio, and encouraging visitor engagement through compelling visuals and informative content.


Understanding the brand: The process began with a deep dive into understanding each client's brand identity, audience, and objectives. This phase was crucial in shaping the storytelling approach and ensuring alignment with the client's vision.

Design Conceptualization: Collaborative brainstorming sessions led to the development of creative concepts tailored to each client's unique needs and objectives. The team's diverse skill set and creative flair were instrumental in generating innovative ideas that resonated with clients and audiences alike.

Development: Once the concept was finalized, the team brought it to life, leveraging their expertise in various mediums, including digital ads, animations, commercials, music videos, documentaries, podcasts, animations, and motion graphics. Attention to detail and a commitment to excellence characterized the execution phase, ensuring the delivery of high-quality content that exceeded client expectations.

Client feedback was integral to the process, guiding iterative improvements and ensuring alignment with client expectations. Open communication and a client-centric approach facilitated a collaborative partnership, driving continuous improvement and success.

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