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Ramesh Vatwani Optics, a distinguished beacon in the eye

care industry, is dedicated to elevating the standard of vision

and fashion for its clientele. Founded on the principles of

excellence, innovation, and accessibility, RVO has

committed itself to the lives of 10,000+ satisfied customers.

Background: Founded in the heart of Jodhpur, RVO has established itself as a leader in providing comprehensive eye care and fashionable eyewear, catering to a diverse clientele's needs. With a broad selection of premium brands and cutting-edge vision technology, RVO prides itself on a unique blend of style and functionality that sets it apart in the eyewear industry.

Challenge: Despite its success, RVO faced the challenge of translating its in-store excellence and personalized service to the digital realm. The existing online presence failed to fully encapsulate the breadth of RVO’s offerings and the depth of its commitment to customer care. Moreover, the digital experience lacked the intuitive and engaging elements that modern consumers have come to expect, hindering RVO’s ability to reach and resonate with a wider audience online.

Objective: The goal for the RVO website redesign was to enhance its digital presence, emphasizing its role as a premier source of vision health information and a reflection of RVO's commitment to quality eyecare. The project aimed to simplify website navigation, making it easier for users to access eye health resources, and to incorporate interactive features like the online eye test. By improving the site's aesthetic and user experience, we sought to elevate RVO's brand authority and engage more effectively with the community, reinforcing its position as a leader in the eyecare industry without focusing on the commercial aspect of eyewear sales.

Project Overview

Scope: This project focused on revitalizing the RVO website to serve as a dynamic information portal, aimed at enriching user knowledge on vision health and RVO’s services, while ensuring ease of navigation and interaction.

Strategy: The approach was centered on enhancing the site’s visual and functional appeal to improve user experience, coupled with the integration of educational content to establish RVO as a thought leader in eye care.


Research and Analysis: Initiated with an evaluation of RVO’s current digital footprint, pinpointing opportunities for enhancement. Concurrently, we delved into industry best practices for informational websites.

Design Conceptualization: Insights in hand, we moved to design, sketching out wireframes and prototypes that prioritize ease of information access while embodying RVO’s brand ethos.


Development: Leveraged agile methodologies to refine our work continually, focusing on creating an engaging, user-friendly platform. We emphasized the importance of content delivery and interactive features like the online eye test to enrich user interaction.


Narrative Integration: Aimed to weave a cohesive narrative throughout the site, reflecting RVO’s commitment to combining eyecare excellence with educational value, enhancing brand connectivity with the audience.

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