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CSSDA - Special Kudos Award


VelocityX stands at the forefront of sales innovation,

specifically tailored for SMB Tech companies. Our journey

began with a vision to transform the traditional sales

landscape, driven by a passion for empowering tech

businesses with cutting-edge sales strategies and tools.

Background: Velocity X, a burgeoning name in the sales tech industry, was encumbered by a website that was not only incomplete but also hindered by a poorly designed user interface and a chaotic site structure. Recognizing the pivotal role a website plays in mirroring a company's ethos and capabilities, Velocity X sought a transformative overhaul of their online presence.

Challenge: The primary challenge was to metamorphose the existing, underdeveloped website into a state-of-the-art SaaS platform. This required a radical improvement in UI design, a complete restructuring of the site layout, and a strategy to make the website not just functional but also visually compelling and user-friendly.

Objective: My mission was to craft a website that resonates with Velocity X's innovative spirit - a site that is intuitive, engaging, and reflective of the cutting-edge services they offer.

Project Overview

Scope: The project encompassed a comprehensive redesign of the website's user interface, restructuring its architecture, and enhancing the overall user experience to align with modern SaaS standards.


Strategy: My strategy was two-fold: first, to revamp the visual appeal and usability of the site, and second, to reorganize the site's structure for better navigation and content presentation.


Research and Analysis: We began with a thorough analysis of the existing website, identifying key areas for improvement. We also conducted market research to understand current trends in SaaS website designs.

Design Conceptualization: Armed with insights, we crafted design concepts. This stage involved creating wireframes and prototypes, ensuring each element aligns with Velocity X's branding and user expectations.

Development: Our development phase was agile, incorporating iterative feedback. We used the latest web technologies to ensure a smooth, responsive, and accessible website.

We adopted an engaging narrative approach to showcase the website's evolution. Each section of the website tells a part of Velocity X's story, with interactive elements added to enhance user engagement and convey information dynamically.

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